Gluten & Dairy-Free Chocolate for Kids this Easter

Posted on February 1, 2011


Dairy-Free & Vegan Chocolate Easter Egg Basket for KidsYes, it may still be a while until Easter, but  just had to share our scrummy new gluten & dairy free Easter basket for kids with it’s delicious dairy-free ‘milk’ chocolate Easter egg from Moo Free.

We know how difficult it can be for kids – and adults – who can’t have dairy at Easter, especially if they love the taste of milk chocolate. Well, after tasting Moo Free’s fabulous dairy-free organic chocolate (and not being able to tell the difference between it and GOOD milk chocolate), we were first in line to order their scrummy new Easter eggs. We took delivery this morning and it’s now in pride of place in our new vegan, gluten & dairy-free kids’ Easter basket.

In addition to Moo Free’s scrummy Easter Egg, we’ve added an extra bar of their organic chocolate (because it’s just so good!), and delicious ‘Summer Peaches’ and ‘Mix & Match Sours’ fruit gums from another great company, Goody Good Stuff. These guys make great sweets by simply replacing the gelatine and artificial nasties you find in most sweets with naturally-sourced alternatives. The results look and taste just like the ones from the sweet shop – only better. They are also vegetarian, gluten & dairy-free, with some (the ones that we’ve included) also suitable for vegans.

The last of the haul: three organic sesame halva snacks and a bottle of 100% pure-pressed organic peach juice from Organic Village.

We think it’s a ‘cracking’ gift which should ensure that no one feels left out this Easter. We hope you love it!