Pesach / Passover Cards

Posted on February 11, 2011


Pesach / Passover Cards

Just a quick update that our in-house artist, Shelley Caro, has created a range of Pesach cards, Seder invitations & gifts, some of which we hope to include with our Passover gift range this year.

The Passover cards feature her new “Pesach, Matzah, Maror” design and are available to order from Zazzle (UK and US). The inspiration for these cards came from a quote in the Haggadah, which is read at the Passover Seder: “Raban Gamliel used to say, ‘Anyone who has not pronounced these three words on Pesach has not done his duty’. And they are ‘Pesach’, ‘Matzah’ and ‘Maror’.”

Don’t forget that her fun & colourful trio of Purim Cards are currently available directly from us, as well as being available for customising at Zazzle.

Happy Holidays!